VKWC World Tour #5 – St. Peter-Ording, Germany

Next up was Germany. A place that is known for its constantly changing weather conditions. And indeed we had it all again this year! My first competition day I was competing on my 13th, the biggest kite I have. The water was quite flat as it was low tide giving me the perfect circumstances to win my first heat.

That put me immediately into the 3rd round where I was up against Hannah Whiteley. This day, however, the wind was blowing like crazy and the water was incredibly choppy and wavy. It was a very tough heat but I was actually extremely happy with my performance and I secured my spot in the semi-finals.

After that I was not able to keep the winning streak going and I kept a 4th spot for the event. I am super happy with this achievement though. It is only my second top 4 this year and that is already way better than I dreamed of in the beginning of the year!!!
So Germany is a wrap, and now it’s time to head home and on to Brazil for some serious training… I can’t wait!!!

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