VKWC World Tour #3 – Tarifa, Spain

Last week marked the third stop of the tour this year. It was a really great two weeks in general, with lots of great kiting, friends, and parties, because yeah.. if you know Tarifa.. there is no getting out of that 😉

I flew to Malaga and rented a car there, where I met up with the girls, to head to Tarifa. We had rented an apartment with ocean view right on the centre of the city with 5 girls. As you can imagine, total madness.

The first couple of days before the comp there was some wind and we had loads of fun sessions with everyone that started arriving. Then, the first few days of the comp there was no wind and we were on standby. The wind was going to change direction to become Levante, so the organisation decided to move the entire competition into the town, where there is an insane spot, perfect for this kind of wind.

The next day the comp was ON. There was incredibly strong wind, and we were soon on our fives and sixes. I was first up against Bruna Kajiya once again and Rita Arnaus. I managed to secure a second place, which meant I was up against Helena Brochocka in the second round. I managed to pass here so I went to the third round against Karolina Winkowska once again. It seems like I’m against the same people in every competition so far!!!

I rode quite well considering the conditions and until the last minute I was definitely leading the heat. Unfortunately for me, Karolina managed to land a sick Slim Chance in the last minute which made the difference. Again a 5th place for me.. Either way, I’m proud of how I rode in these condtitions and am looking forward to keep fighting for that spot on the podium this year!

The big air started after the freestyle was over and the wind was even stronger than the previous days. We were literally almost flying away and I had a lot of trouble keeping my 5.5m in control! I fought hard and managed to pass a few heats, securing a 5th place as well for this discipline.

Now it’s time to focus on the next one which is only one week away! Fuerteventura, we’re coming for ya so prepare yourself!!! 😉

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