VKWC World Tour #2 – Venezuela

The second stop of the world tour this year was held on Isla de Coche in Venezuela. I was a bit hesitant at first knowing the current situation in the country, but hey, I had to go! Luckily the organisation took very good care of us so as soon as we got to Caracas we got a free flight and car/boat transfer to the hotel.

Caracas was definitely a little bit scary, but as soon as we got to Isla de Coche, a small island off the coast, we didn’t notice a thing. This peaceful holiday island appeared to be an ideal kite location with flat water and constant wind, about the best for competition. That meant that we could go all out and show our biggest tricks.

In the first round I was up against 3rd placed Bruna Kajiya and 9th placed Helena Brochocka. I managed to get second in this first round so I was up to a local Venezuelan girl in the second round. This round I passed quite easily and I was very happy with my riding.

Then it was time for the third round and I was up against current world champ Karolina Winkowska. I knew that this heat would not be easy and I had to throw in something big. So I decided to go and try a trick that I had not landed in a year… smart thinking right? 😉 I started the heat with a few of my basic tricks and saved the big one for the end.

When it was time to go for it, I just stopped thinking rationally and went for it 100%. It’s a risky trick that can hurt when it goes wrong, but is impressive when landed. And I did!!! And that made my the first girl in the history of kiteboarding to land a “Double S-Bend to Blind” in a heat.

Unfortunately it was still not enough for the win, so I finished on a 5th place again, which for now, I’m very happy with. I was not super content with the way they scored my heat, but that’s part of the game with a judging sport. I was, on the other hand, very very proud of the way I rode and my massive accomplishment!
I will post a video of it later for you to see!

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