MaiTai Necker

People often ask me what the most special place I’ve been to is. Well, since recently, I have a new answer! I got invited by my teammate Susi Mai to a MaiTai event on the island of the one and only Sir Richard Branson! I couldn’t believe that I got the opportunity to visit this place. The MaiTai is and event where entrepreneurs and businesspeople come together to network, promote, and then kite all together. Susi Mai and Bill Tai host this event all around the world but the one on Necker island is definitely one of the most prestigious ones.

Luckily, my amazing sponsor Saba Rock Resort is located only 5 minutes away from Necker with a boat! So of course it was a great opportunity to combine the two. Arriving at Saba Rock I was just so exited. This island is so very tiny but is perfectly set up with new and modern hotel rooms, the best restaurant and bar in the caribbean, and a view that you can’t even imagine, you’re in the middle of multiple other islands where people come in and anchor to Saba for a nice lunch or drink. Paradise? Better!

Then it was time to head to Necker. And arriving there I was blown away. I had never seen anything like it. The luxury, the people, the beauty, just incredible. I had an amazing week meeting lots of nice people, kiting and having the opportunity to shoot with one of the world’s best photographers, John Bilderback, going to insane costume parties, and of course, meeting Richard Branson himself. If I had to describe this entire week to you know, it would be a hundred pages long of me raging about all the craziness I witnessed there. Maybe I should just write an article about it some time… (: For now, here are a few pictures. Hugs!

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