The girl’s guide to avoiding snowboard injuries

Like many other sports, the Snowboarding is also one of great sports with a lot of fun. I also practice and playing it regular. I will writing about snowboard injuries today.

Snowboarding can be a lot of fun however as with all sports, injuries can arise due to different reasons.

Snowboarding injuries can be quite nasty and put you out of action for a decent amount of time. Girls should take heed of the following precautions when going snowboarding.

1. Get Fit

Being physically fit is important in any sport that you are participating in. Snowboarding is a sport that can be very tasking physically particularly on your upper leg muscles. Spending time at the gym working on your core stability and leg muscles will be beneficial prior to heading to the snow.

2. Safety and protection gear

The most common snowboarding injury is breaking or fracturing wrists. Instinctively, people will put their hands out in front of them to protect themselves when falling leading to wrist injuries. Wrist guards will assist in limiting wrist injuries.

Helmets are essential so the head can be protected should you fall and hit your head. Major head injuries and concussions can be minimised by the wearing of helmets. Many countries and ski resorts are now encouraging the wearing of helmets and even making it mandatory.

3. Warming up and down

Prepare your body for a day of physical activity by warming up before you go out snowboarding. Stretch your muscles and warm them up to limit muscle pulls and tears. After a day out on the snowboard, also ensure that you warm down by doing stretches.

4. Clothing

Wearing the correct clothing whilst snowboarding is an important aspect to consider when spending a day out in the snow.

You should have the ability to move freely in the clothes that you wear and to keep yourself warm and dry as it will enhance the snowboarding experience.

It goes without saying that water proof clothing is a must as well as wearing a hat, neck warmer and gloves.

6. Boots and Bindings

Having snowboard boots and bindings that fit properly will ensure safety when snowboarding. Your bindings should be tested every day prior to going out snowboarding so you know that they are working correctly.

7. The Board

Select a snowboard that suits your skill level and the activity that you intend to do. If you are a beginner, it is a good idea to hire your snowboard first before going ahead with a purchasing your own. Rental shops have the expertise to provide you with a snowboard and boots that are best suited to you.

Safety is important so it is a good idea to follow the above advice to ensure that your snowboarding season is enjoyable and injury free. Be careful on the snow but most importantly have fun! Oh, and make sure you have ski travel insurance!

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