Preparation for the 2015 season

I’ve been training very hard these past weeks, both in the gym and on the water!

Here is a photo and a video of my progression. :)


“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Christmas with the family

It was Christmas time again and it has been our wish for a long time to spend it with our family again for once. Since we moved to Aruba we have not been able to go to the Netherlands during the holidays as it’s wayyy to expensive. However, this year it was finally possible and that meant that we spent it with our entire family again after 10 years!

It was an amazing week filled with love and laughter and my parents and I felt very blessed to be a part of it.

Of course we also made some time for other great things like spending two days indoor snowboarding! It had been 7 years for us and we had a BLAST! We even had real snow on the last two days. Cheers to a good vacation!



All the cousins of the Van Westerop family :)


Back to Brazil!

It’s Brazil time, it’s all over facebook, everyone is there. It’s almost starting to become old news already, but fact is, it will always be amazing.

I’ve just spent three months at home due to a minor knee injury and it is great to be back on the road and especially on the water! I am astonished by the speed at which I got back to my level and can’t wait to stick some new big tricks. A couple of the PKRA girls were here the first two weeks and they are landing some huge new tricks that I want to try too! Next season I will be joining the tour again and the time can’t pass by fast enough.

So I’m halfway through my one-month stay in Brazil and training every day! Slowly starting to think I might stay an extra month… :)FDSC_0097DCIM102GOPRODSC_03992


MaiTai Necker

People often ask me what the most special place I’ve been to is. Well, since recently, I have a new answer! I got invited by my teammate Susi Mai to a MaiTai event on the island of the one and only Sir Richard Branson! I couldn’t believe that I got the opportunity to visit this place. The MaiTai is and event where entrepreneurs and businesspeople come together to network, promote, and then kite all together. Susi Mai and Bill Tai host this event all around the world but the one on Necker island is definitely one of the most prestigious ones.

Luckily, my amazing sponsor Saba Rock Resort is located only 5 minutes away from Necker with a boat! So of course it was a great opportunity to combine the two. Arriving at Saba Rock I was just so exited. This island is so very tiny but is perfectly set up with new and modern hotel rooms, the best restaurant and bar in the caribbean, and a view that you can’t even imagine, you’re in the middle of multiple other islands where people come in and anchor to Saba for a nice lunch or drink. Paradise? Better!

Then it was time to head to Necker. And arriving there I was blown away. I had never seen anything like it. The luxury, the people, the beauty, just incredible. I had an amazing week meeting lots of nice people, kiting and having the opportunity to shoot with one of the world’s best photographers, John Bilderback, going to insane costume parties, and of course, meeting Richard Branson himself. If I had to describe this entire week to you know, it would be a hundred pages long of me raging about all the craziness I witnessed there. Maybe I should just write an article about it some time… (: For now, here are a few pictures. Hugs!


PKRA #4 – Soma Bay, Egypt

It was time to get ready for the next upcoming competition, so I decided to head to Egypt a week early to get some training in. I went to Hurghada, a town about 40 minutes from the competition area. Everyone at Tommy Friedl’s pro center welcomed me with open arms and the kitespot was amazing.

After a great week of training and experiencing the Egyptian culture, it was time to head to Soma Bay. The competition spot was amazing. The water was crystal clear and we had loads of wind. The hotel was massive and breakfast, lunch, and dinner was included every day.

The competition didn’t go as well for me as I’d hoped and I finished with a 5th place. However, I am very content with my riding that week and am motivated to keep training and get back on the podium!


Hong Kong!

I was so excited to be asked by my sponsor NP Surf to come to Hong Kong for a photoshoot. Alberto Rondina, Leon Jamear and myself headed to the big city for an amazing 4 days! If you’re wondering, yes, 4 days up and down to HK is pretty intense, but it was definitely worth it! We did the photoshoot in a studio, so no kiting involved at all, which was pretty crazy for me. The pictures ended up super well, and I can’t wait for you to see them in the NP Surf product book soon (:


PKRA #3 – Leucate, France

I love competing and everything about it, but I already knew that France doesn’t make competing much easier than it already is.. It was my second year and just like last the conditions were super crazy again. Luckily it was a bit less cold than I remembered and most of the days the sun was shining!

The singles didn’t go very well for me. I lost my first heat which meant the singles were over for me and I had to defend myself in the doubles!

In the doubles I had to work myself all the way up the ladder again to get a good position. I won over several girls including Vieira, Van Der Snoek, and Lammerts. I was going like a rocket, riding super well and feeling great. Once I got to Manuela Jungo for 4th or 3rd place we both rode super well. In the end she landed a really good trick managing to kick me out. Even though I didn’t manage to get on the podium I am still very happy with my 4th place. I gave the best I had and am super motivated for the next stop in Egypt!


Something different

Hey! Life is all about new experiences right? So how about working with a professional photographer, a makeup artist, and a hairdresser? Definitely something different for me!

I had so much fun in this photoshoot with my good friend and professional wedding photographer Caprice Nicole Photography! She came up with the idea and called up her friend and professional makeup artist Jessica Waite to make this photoshoot happen.

I’m so happy and proud that our pictures have already been posted in the Pacific Weddings Magazine!!

If you love this one, then please check out the article and see more pictures!

styled_annabel_060 copys

Dakhla Kite Camp 2014

Directly after the competition finished my kite camp started. It was the second year of doing this camp already and there were lots of excited people who were ready to join! Surprisingly there were lots of girls this time! We had some really great kitesessions where everyone really learned a lot and we also did lots of fun activities like a wakeboarding at the new cablepark, yoga classes,SUP downwinder, Asnaa hot springs, lunch at the Oyster Farm, fun night out in Dakhla Town and trying the Moroccan tea and delicacies!

All together just a perfect week with lots of fun people! Are you ready for next year? Info coming soon 😉



PKRA #2 – Dakhla, Morocco

Being in Morocco for the PKRA again really made it clear: Gosh, this is my second full year on the tour! Time just flies by doesn’t it? A full year has gone by already and it has just been an amazing experience so far. Last year everything was new and exciting. Meeting people and going on adventures. Now it’s exciting in different ways. Going to a place you really like again, seeing friends that you met there the year before, all of that is very special too!

Anyways, the days before the competition the wind slowly got stronger and stronger. And you wouldn’t believe it but during the comp I was actually on my 5.5m! So crazy..! The competition was extremely tough. There are some good new girls this year like Annelous Lammerts and Kristin Oja. This is great too though as it really motivates me and gets my adrenaline going!

I was very happy to manage a 3rd place in the singles and it made me feel safe too. At least I couldn’t go any lower than a 4th place for this comp, which is great!

In the doubles I had some very bad luck. During my heat against Bruna Kajiya my kite crashed badly and I somehow released completely from it. Bye bye kite…! It was early in the heat so I nearly didn’t have enough points of course. So that was it.. But still a great 4th place which made me very happy. Good second stop of the year!