Something different

Hey! Life is all about new experiences right? So how about working with a professional photographer, a makeup artist, and a hairdresser? Definitely something different for me!

I had so much fun in this photoshoot with my good friend and professional wedding photographer Caprice Nicole Photography! She came up with the idea and called up her friend and professional makeup artist Jessica Waite to make this photoshoot happen.

I’m so happy and proud that our pictures have already been posted in the Pacific Weddings Magazine!!

If you love this one, then please check out the article and see more pictures!

styled_annabel_060 copys

Dakhla Kite Camp 2014

Directly after the competition finished my kite camp started. It was the second year of doing this camp already and there were lots of excited people who were ready to join! Surprisingly there were lots of girls this time! We had some really great kitesessions where everyone really learned a lot and we also did lots of fun activities like a wakeboarding at the new cablepark, yoga classes,SUP downwinder, Asnaa hot springs, lunch at the Oyster Farm, fun night out in Dakhla Town and trying the Moroccan tea and delicacies!

All together just a perfect week with lots of fun people! Are you ready for next year? Info coming soon ;)



PKRA #2 – Dakhla, Morocco

Being in Morocco for the PKRA again really made it clear: Gosh, this is my second full year on the tour! Time just flies by doesn’t it? A full year has gone by already and it has just been an amazing experience so far. Last year everything was new and exciting. Meeting people and going on adventures. Now it’s exciting in different ways. Going to a place you really like again, seeing friends that you met there the year before, all of that is very special too!

Anyways, the days before the competition the wind slowly got stronger and stronger. And you wouldn’t believe it but during the comp I was actually on my 5.5m! So crazy..! The competition was extremely tough. There are some good new girls this year like Annelous Lammerts and Kristin Oja. This is great too though as it really motivates me and gets my adrenaline going!

I was very happy to manage a 3rd place in the singles and it made me feel safe too. At least I couldn’t go any lower than a 4th place for this comp, which is great!

In the doubles I had some very bad luck. During my heat against Bruna Kajiya my kite crashed badly and I somehow released completely from it. Bye bye kite…! It was early in the heat so I nearly didn’t have enough points of course. So that was it.. But still a great 4th place which made me very happy. Good second stop of the year!


PKRA #1 – Nitro City, Panama

This February the PKRA World Tour of Freestyle kicked off the year in Panama. Yay! A stop close to home! I spent the winter at home training so it was nice to not have to fly like two days to get there! I had never been to Panama and I’d heard good things about it, so I was looking forward to it! I first went to Panama city for two days to check out the big city. My uncle has an appartment there so he was the perfect guide to show me around!

After my little tourist trip it was time to head to Nitro City. This action sports resort is created for active people that pretty much want to have a crazy vacation. In short, the kiting is great, and in no wind situation you can hit the cable park, skate park, or go motorcrossing! You want to kite in the pool? No problem, go for it!

The competition itself went well. Unfortunately I could only get a 5th place, which is a slow start to the year, but I did ride the best heat of my life with a score of over 29 points! There is a very good group of girls this year which is super motivating to keep training and get ready for the upcoming competitions!

After the main competition we did a fun Best Trick competition combining kite and cable riding. I was stoked to get a 3rd place in this one and still get a podium in the first event of the year!

Thank you Nitro City Panama for a great week and Morocco, here I come (:

For more info on Nitro City visit their website:



Very proud to announce my new sponsor Musclecare! So happy to have them supporting me together with my other sponsors! Musclecare makes super good products to help aching muscles and joints. Check out their website!


FINAL tour stop, PKRA #8 – Mendoza, Argentina

It was finally time for the last stop of the year! Argentina, the country of wine, a new stop on the tour,and the only stop where the competition was held in a lake. This lake was already more than 1000 meters high up in the mountains so it was a very different experience. Driving towards the snowy mountains the vineyards were everywhere around you and the water of the lake was so crystal clear and so fresh that you could drink it! The air temperature was warm, but once it was time to enter the water, I definitely needed my wetsuit! We were a little unlucky, we had enough wind on the first day to do the trials but then the wind died for the rest of the week. Long days of waiting were ahead of us, as we had to stay on the beach to wait for possible wind to come. On the very last day of the competition we were lucky, we finally got wind! We could only do the singles, but it was enough! With half of the competition done, we could at least have an official scoring for the event. I was super happy and proud to finish 2nd on this event and even more happy that it secured my 3rd place for the year! It had been an incredible first year on the tour and can’t wait for the 2014 season!1459767_650239231686132_131697936_n1473058_648880335155355_577188486_n400589_650240211686034_1319086720_n

PKRA #7 – Haikou, China

The 7th stop of the year was another good one for me! It was the second stop in China, while it’s not common for the pkra to have two stops in the same country. However, it was a good one. We slowly started getting used to the country and the hotel we were in was quite nice! On the competition day, I started my warm-up session in the morning on my 13m. However, the wind kept picking up during the next few hours and when it was time for my heat I was on my 7m! It was a tough competition, but I managed to place 3rd again! Stoked with another podium!!!

Haikou1450324_633078870068835_989730695_nHaikou podium

PKRA #6 – Pingtan, China

The PKRA in Pingtan started off a bit different for me than I hoped. On the day that the singles were being held, I was still chilling in Hong Kong because my Visa wasn’t done on time! Nice timing Annabel…

However, the second day of the competition I arrived and decided to compete in the Big Air comp. This was a lot more fun than expected and I was stoked to win!

The next day, we continued with the doubles of freestyle and as I missed the singles I had to work my way up the ladder! It went very very well though and after beating Paula Novotna I lost against Gisela Pulido so I got a 3rd place! The sickest thing about this is that I am now officially 3rd in the ranking!

The following day I also decided to compete in the Twin Tip Long Distance Race where I managed to get 2nd place in the women’s division!

All together it was an awesome comp and I left Pingtan with 3 trophees!! Soo crazy!