VKWC World Tour #5 – St. Peter-Ording, Germany

Next up was Germany. A place that is known for its constantly changing weather conditions. And indeed we had it all again this year! My first competition day I was competing on my 13th, the biggest kite I have. The water was quite flat as it was low tide giving me the perfect circumstances to win my first heat.

That put me immediately into the 3rd round where I was up against Hannah Whiteley. This day, however, the wind was blowing like crazy and the water was incredibly choppy and wavy. It was a very tough heat but I was actually extremely happy with my performance and I secured my spot in the semi-finals.

After that I was not able to keep the winning streak going and I kept a 4th spot for the event. I am super happy with this achievement though. It is only my second top 4 this year and that is already way better than I dreamed of in the beginning of the year!!!

So Germany is a wrap, and now it’s time to head home and on to Brazil for some serious training… I can’t wait!!!




VKWC World Tour #4 – Fuerteventura, Spain

Wow what an event in Fuerteventura for me this year. I missed out last year but two years ago I achieved a 2nd place so I already had a good feeling here. The conditions are always extremely tough but we make the best of it. This week was a bit crazy with the wind leaving us in the last days, but luckily we were able to finish the competition.

My first podium place this year!!!!

So incredibly happy with my performance and achievement. This shoots me up to the 4th place in the ranking which makes me super proud and motivated to keep going!



VKWC World Tour #3 – Tarifa, Spain

Last week marked the third stop of the tour this year. It was a really great two weeks in general, with lots of great kiting, friends, and parties, because yeah.. if you know Tarifa.. there is no getting out of that 😉

I flew to Malaga and rented a car there, where I met up with the girls, to head to Tarifa. We had rented an apartment with ocean view right on the centre of the city with 5 girls. As you can imagine, total madness.

The first couple of days before the comp there was some wind and we had loads of fun sessions with everyone that started arriving. Then, the first few days of the comp there was no wind and we were on standby. The wind was going to change direction to become Levante, so the organisation decided to move the entire competition into the town, where there is an insane spot, perfect for this kind of wind.

The next day the comp was ON. There was incredibly strong wind, and we were soon on our fives and sixes. I was first up against Bruna Kajiya once again and Rita Arnaus. I managed to secure a second place, which meant I was up against Helena Brochocka in the second round. I managed to pass here so I went to the third round against Karolina Winkowska once again. It seems like I’m against the same people in every competition so far!!!

I rode quite well considering the conditions and until the last minute I was definitely leading the heat. Unfortunately for me, Karolina managed to land a sick Slim Chance in the last minute which made the difference. Again a 5th place for me.. Either way, I’m proud of how I rode in these condtitions and am looking forward to keep fighting for that spot on the podium this year!

The big air started after the freestyle was over and the wind was even stronger than the previous days. We were literally almost flying away and I had a lot of trouble keeping my 5.5m in control! I fought hard and managed to pass a few heats, securing a 5th place as well for this discipline.

Now it’s time to focus on the next one which is only one week away! Fuerteventura, we’re coming for ya so prepare yourself!!! 😉1898889_943059225737463_34640859459784045_o

VKWC World Tour #2 – Venezuela

The second stop of the world tour this year was held on Isla de Coche in Venezuela. I was a bit hesitant at first knowing the current situation in the country, but hey, I had to go! Luckily the organisation took very good care of us so as soon as we got to Caracas we got a free flight and car/boat transfer to the hotel. Caracas was definitely a little bit scary, but as soon as we got to Isla de Coche, a small island off the coast, we didn’t notice a thing. This peaceful holiday island appeared to be an ideal kite location with flat water and constant wind, about the best for competition. That meant that we could go all out and show our biggest tricks.

In the first round I was up against 3rd placed Bruna Kajiya and 9th placed Helena Brochocka. I managed to get second in this first round so I was up to a local Venezuelan girl in the second round. This round I passed quite easily and I was very happy with my riding.

Then it was time for the third round and I was up against current world champ Karolina Winkowska. I knew that this heat would not be easy and I had to throw in something big. So I decided to go and try a trick that I had not landed in a year… smart thinking right? 😉 I started the heat with a few of my basic tricks and saved the big one for the end. When it was time to go for it, I just stopped thinking rationally and went for it 100%. It’s a risky trick that can hurt when it goes wrong, but is impressive when landed. And I did!!! And that made my the first girl in the history of kiteboarding to land a “Double S-Bend to Blind” in a heat.

Unfortunately it was still not enough for the win, so I finished on a 5th place again, which for now, I’m very happy with. I was not super content with the way they scored my heat, but that’s part of the game with a judging sport. I was, on the other hand, very very proud of the way I rode and my massive accomplishment!

I will post a video of it later for you to see!



Kids Pro Clinic

The first round of the Kids Pro Clinic in Aruba was a great succes! As I got home after Morocco I noticed more and more kids on the water at my homespot. I remembered the times when I was 14 years old and just starting and I was one of the only kids on the water. Now, as the sport is getting safer every year, there are a bunch of kids shredding around here and I wanted to help them out!

We got together on a nice sunny day and the wind was perfect. We started with a beach session, where I explained the tricks that they could try. go ask alice pdf After that we went out on the water and everyone was trying their very best and everyone learned something new!

The second Kids Pro Clinic will be held this coming tuesday the 30th of june. All kids of 16 years or younger are welcome!




Training at home

After Morocco we had 2 months before the next stop would start. That meant lots of training time! And where better than in my homespot in Aruba? Good friend and teammate Damien LeRoy came over to help me out with some new tricks. One of them: the Front to Blind.

See a few of the tricks during my training session here :)






Virgin Kitesurf World Championships #1 – Morocco

All riders of the VKWC (previously PKRA) flew down to Dakhla, a little town in Morocco, for the first stop of the world tour this year. I was very excited as it was my first time in 9 months to compete again and I felt more ready than ever.

I didn’t put too much pressure on myself as I knew that coming back is tough, and I wanted to start up slow again. I was lucky to receive an injury wildcard due to my overused knee of the previous year, which meant that I did not have to compete in the qualifier rounds to enter the tour this year.

As we got started I felt those good old nerves coming up again and it was the best feeling ever. The adrenaline started flowing through my body and I noticed my legs feeling weak. But I didn’t have to worry about that, because I knew that as soon as that red flag went up for the 3-minute mark till the beginning of my heat, my competition mode would turn on and I wouldn’t look back.

And that is exactly what I did. Red flag, 3 minutes. Yellow flag, 1 minute. Green flag… go time. In my very first heat I was already up against current world champ Karolina Winkowska which is not an easy one to begin with. Getting 2nd out of 3 in that heat, I passed on to round two for a second chance. I passed through that one with more confidence and felt strong and powerful once I got to round 3 against Bruna Kajiya.

This heat would decide whether I’d stay fifth or pass on to go for top four. I rode the heat of my life. It was like I never even left and I landed trick after trick until I didn’t have any left to do. Once the heat was finished I returned to the beach where my teammates were rooting for me. My hair was dry and my hands were shaking.

Unfortunately it was not enough to win against Bruna. She is a very strong rider and has been competing for a long time. However, the difference in points was very little and I managed to achieve one goal: I’m back, I’m strong, and I’m ready to work hard for the podium!




Preparation for the 2015 season

I’ve been training very hard these past weeks, both in the gym and on the water!

Here is a photo and a video of my progression. :)


“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Christmas with the family

It was Christmas time again and it has been our wish for a long time to spend it with our family again for once. Since we moved to Aruba we have not been able to go to the Netherlands during the holidays as it’s wayyy to expensive. However, this year it was finally possible and that meant that we spent it with our entire family again after 10 years!

It was an amazing week filled with love and laughter and my parents and I felt very blessed to be a part of it.

Of course we also made some time for other great things like spending two days indoor snowboarding! It had been 7 years for us and we had a BLAST! We even had real snow on the last two days. Cheers to a good vacation!



All the cousins of the Van Westerop family :)